APEL Mast Climbers for Easy Accessibility to Any Height or Shape

Any construction and maintenance projects required an efficient access system to reach different places to carry out the different activities.

Efficient Vertical access is one of the key requirements for any project to complete within a stipulated time. The traditional method of accessing height with the help of scaffolding consumes a significant amount of time for its installation and dismantling.

More the height, the more time it will require to complete the scaffolding erection. It becomes even more time-consuming when the shape of the structure is complex in nature.

APEL Mast Climbers have a working height of more than 300m and can be quickly installed and dismantle as compared to scaffolding systems. Mast climbing work platform (MCWP) can be automatically lifted at any elevation with ease. Manpower doesn’t have to climb up & down the scaffolding ladder to reach different elevations.

The platform configuration of the mast climbers can be customized according to the shape of the structure. Our straight platforms are designed for accessing plain façades without any projections. Also, the length of the platform can be increased or decreased depending on the requirement.

Our curved platform is suitable for accessing complex and circular structures such as chimneys, columns, water storage tanks, silos, oil tanks, etc. It adapts the shape of the structure to provide full access to its circumference.

Access platform equipment limited has vast experience in handling major critical projects where the shape of the structures is complex in nature. We are the leading service providers of mast climber rental in India providing access solutions to every major industry.

Mast Climbing Working Platform