Avoid musculo-skeletal disorders

Thousands of workers have been affected by musculo-skeletal disorders because of the position they have to work in traditional scaffolding. As the scaffolding platforms are fixed at a particular position. Workers are always required to extend their body to reach the desired work location. This makes them feel fatigued & tired over a period of time, creates many health issues and reduces overall work efficiency.

The APELs MCWP can be adjusted at a micro and optimum level according to the worker and allows workers to carry out their activities at an optimal height, without putting extra effort to reach the desired work area.

Mast climbing working platform

Avoid climbing never ending ladders

Once the scaffolding is erected, now all the workers have to climb up by themselves using the scaffolding ladders. Climbing up using these ladders is time consuming and reason for fatigue problems in the worker. After every 15 to 20 steps they will feel tired and needing rest.

Mast climber platform moves up and down automatically. So it saves lot of time & energy of the workers as compared to the use of scaffolding.

Mast climbing work platform

Avoid lifting of heavy material by hand

Lifting of materials and tools while working on scaffolding becomes very difficult and unsafe. Many a times it has been noticed that due to a lack of lifting equipment, workers have to carry the heavy materials and climb up the ladders. More the height, more time it will consume to do so. APEL MCWPs are strong enough to carry heavy loads. More material and manpower can be lifted to the required height and No special arrangements are needed.

Aerial Working Platform

MCWP as an Immediate Rescue system

Many Oil & Gas refineries are adopting the APEL Mast Climbing Work Platform (MCWP) as an emergency rescue system.

There are various structures such as columns, flare stacks, and chimneys where manpower has to work at height to carry out the maintenance activities.

Workers while working at such a height are exposed to many possible hazards and one must have a rescue system to safely evacuate workers from the danger zone.

In the event of a Gas Leak or Fire, workers must be immediately evacuated. But getting down using scaffolding ladders can take too much time which may lead to a major accident.

APEL MCWP can safely take your manpower from top to bottom within a few minutes. It can evacuate workers working at different elevations in a single run.

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