APEL is India's leading service provider of Mast Climbing Work Platforms for safe access to work at height. Our fleet forms of light duty, medium duty & heavy duty work platforms. We collaborate with world's leading MCWP / Hoist manufacturers to make the best work platforms available in India for safe work at height.

Mast Climbing Work Platforms (MCWP’s)

MCWP’s are increasingly being used as temporary work places, giving variable height access to specific areas above ground level. In many cases, MCWPs are more convenient to use than other forms of access equipment such as ladders, fixed scaffolding, or staging, or swing stage.

APEL is the leading mast climber rental company in India, with the youngest and most high-quality machine in its fleet. MCWPs are increasingly being used as a temporary work platform, giving variable height access to specific areas above ground level. Mast Climbers are safe & most efficient work platforms for carrying out construction, repair, inspection and maintenance activities while working at height.

APEL is providing mast climber hire services to government & private organisations, helping them to save thousands of project hours each year. It significantly reduces the overall project time and increases productivity with utmost safety.

Being a market leader in Scanclimber rental services in India, we always provide innovative solutions to our clients. Any shape and any height can be accessed with our customized work platforms. Our All reach extension platform (ARE) can be used to access complex & hard to reach spaces. Circular-shaped structures can be accessed using our snake platform.

APEL’s snake platform can be adjusted according to the shape of the structures. It can be adjusted in different angles (+-45 deg) steplessly and safely at any height to follow the structures and shapes of the building.

Our Mast Climbing Working Platform rental services include:

  • Project evaluation, consultation and site visits
  • Site design, technical drawings
  • Ground load and anchoring strength calculations
  • Logistics, erection, shifting and dismantling of machines
  • On-site maintenance and repair
  • Machine operation and project supervision
  • Technical and operator training

Get in touch with us for any requirement of MCWP for rent in India. We can help you significantly reduce overall project time and increase manpower safety.

Construction Hoists

Construction Hoists are seen on the outsides of a construction building to quickly transport man and material, to and from different levels of the building.

Powered Mobile Elevated Work Platforms

Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) are machines powered & integrated with electrical, hydraulic & mechanical systems to provide a safe and efficient solution to manpower for working at height.

Self-Propelled Articulated Boomlifts

Self-Propelled Articulated
Boom Lift

Self-Propelled Telescopic Boomlifts

Self-Propelled Telescopic
Boom Lift

Truck Mounted Boomlift

Self Propelled Electric
Articulated Boom Lift

Towable Boomlift

DC Electric
Scissor Lift

Spider type boomlift

Rough Terrain
Scissor Lift

Rough Terrain Scissor Lift

Mast Lift

DC Operated Scissor Lift

Boom Lift

Vertical Mast Lift

Truck Mounted
Boom Lift

Vertical Mast Lift

Work Platforms

Machine Installation

APEL makes sure that your machine safely reaches its destination at your facility. Our team of experienced

  • Assist in loading / unloading of the machine at your site
  • Inspect the machine.
  • Install and Commission the machine.
  • Provide a Demonstration of the machine

before the machine is handed over to your team of engineers.

On-Site Training

If you’ve opted for our On-site Training Programme, our finest and most experienced serviceman would visit your facility to train your team of engineers, for an 8-hour Operator’s Training Session. The training session covers a wide variety of topics such as but not limited to machine’s operations, safety, basic troubleshooting, Do’s & Don’ts. Additionally, we highly recommend non-operators who work around the AWP machine on a regular basis, to attend the training session, for being well informed about the machine in case of Emergencies.

Finance your purchase

We can introduce you to our banking & finance partners, who would offer you the best interest rates with the lowest EMI for your purchase. To know more on how APEL assists new businesses in financing for AWP’s please write to us on [email protected].

Insure your purchase

We strongly recommend our customers to insure their purchase before taking the delivery of their purchase. Your purchase is a highly valuable asset with hard earned investment. It’s best to stay safe than be sorry!
To know more on how APEL assists machine owners to insure their AWP’s please write to us on [email protected].

Exchange - Buyback

Looking to Upgrade or Exchange your current AWP? Why not try our buyback program? Our team does its best to replace your existing AWP with your new requirement. APEL has a wide customer base, with buyers from varies industries & geographical locations enquiring for AWP’s which you already own.
*All finance interest rates are subject to the purchaser’s credit score rating.

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