Mechanical Safety

APEL has the largest and youngest fleet of mast climbing work platforms in India. It contains products and models from the world’s top MCWP manufacturing companies. We never compromise on safety thus all of these equipment has CE (European Safety Standard) & ANSI (American National Standard Institute) certifications.

MCWP Safety Brake

Safety brake

It ensures that the platform will not fall down, even in a complete breakdown of a drive unit. A mechanical, spring-loaded safety brake is a standard safety feature in every model. It improves the safety and reliability of our MCWP. The long-lasting safety brake is well protected from any dirt or dust and is practically maintenance-free.

MCWP Manual Lowering

Manual lowering system

In case of power cut, it is possible to lower the platform and to stop it precisely at the nearest landing.

MCWP Safety Railing

Safety railing (h=1.10) and kick board on the platform

As per the international standards of working at height, APEL MCWP has railing of height 1.10m and kick board on the platform.

Mast Cap

Mast Cap

It is a mechanical top limit and installed above the top and final mast. This creates mechanical locking system so that platform does not move further once it reaches the top most position.

MCWP Safety Harness

Safety harness fastening point

APEL always recommends using safety harness while erecting, dismantling and working on the MCWP.
Safety harness points are located on the platforms.

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