MCWP As An Emergency Rescue System

MCWP As An Emergency Rescue System

Manpower safety is the most important factor in the oil & gas industries therefore, one has to be medically fit, undergo various types of safety training and issue work permits before the commencement of work.

There are various RCC & metal structures with height ranging from 25m to 150m where manpower has to carry out the maintenance & inspection activities.

Workers while working at such a height are exposed to many possible hazards and one must have a rescue system to safely and quickly evacuate workers from the danger zone.

In the event of a Gas Leak or Fire, workers must be immediately evacuated. But getting down using scaffolding ladders can take too much time which may lead to a major accident.

The use of APEL Mast Climbing Work Platform (MCWP) for working at height application can also be used an emergency rescue system.

APEL MCWP can safely bring your manpower from top to bottom within a few minutes. It can evacuate workers working at different elevations in a single run.