APEL has been providing with Aerial Access Solutions to various industries since more than 10 years now. Our team of manpower and fleet of machines are reliable and versatile to work with. Each industry has its own unique challenges therefore, we focus on each of our customer needs with a customized solution.

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Electricity is the heart of the global economy. Energy Generation and Power Plants play the most significant role in keeping up with the increasing power demands. Regardless of the kind of power generation method, be it from Hydro, Wind, Thermal, Solar, Nuclear, Coal, Gas or Oil, we have a solution for every challenge to work safely at height.

Key Products

Mast climbing Work platform

Construction Hoists

Boom Lifts

Scissor Lifts


Our mentioned Key Products can assist you in safe working at height for the following applications.

  • Building, Inspection, Maintenance, Painting & Repair of Cooling Towers, Chimneys & flare stacks.
  • Building, Inspection, Maintenance, Painting & Repair of Indoor systems such as control rooms & reactors.
  • For Demolishing and Cutting of Structures.
  • For Shutdown maintenance and repair applications.
  • For Inspection and Measurement of Emissions at discharge points in Chimneys, Flare Stacks & Cooling Towers.

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